ישמע האל (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Nasreen Qadri ((in Arabic نسرين قادري, in Hebrew נסרין קדרי))
  • Canzone: ישמע האל 2 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Inglese, Traslitterazione
traduzione in IngleseInglese

God will hear

So many roads on the way
To a place that is roughly
And not always the heart knows
Between mistakes he's moving
God will hear
The smallest prayers I'll carry
A voice prays
with you with me your God my god
And praise
With a clean and genuine heart I will always go for the rest of my life
Your girl I was and stayed
And the truth is I felt
On this trip I knew
Let me be wrong I always asked
And to live with it I continued
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ישמע האל

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