Hata Motohiro - 僕らをつなぐもの(Bokura Wo Tsunagu Mono) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

The things that connect us

wonder if there's the moonlight, the yellow traffic light is on the verge of changing,
when it changes to the excessively long red light, without fail we share a kiss
You always walk on my left side, putting your small hand in my pocket
And the warmth of our fingertips that touch in this way
It can't be enough to connect us together
The things that connect us
Since you laughted, I laugh too
You say "Hey, That flower has blossomed this year too!"
While we're going toward your house
The crosswalk near the gas station, the overflowing sound of the passing cars
That erases the sound of our conversation
And naturally, we grow closer and closer
The things that connect us
My humming has been dyed in your colors
And I say "Hey, you can see the moon on top of the pedestrian bridge"
which illuminates this young love of ours
But probably, like this streetlight,
We stay under a light that is frail and unreliable
The things that connect us
I wonder if we see the same future?
You say "Hey, let's look at that flower from now on forever, ok?"
And I can't do nothing but nod
The things that connect us We kiss as if we wanted to stop our anxieties
Hey, let's go home before the moving clouds cover the moon
And now we're moving towards your house
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It's not perfect, but at least it should give an idea of the meaning XD

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僕らをつなぐもの(Bokura Wo Tsunagu Mono)

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Hi Maja,

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