Radwimps - Yume Torou (夢灯籠) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Dream Lantern

Ahh, wouldn't it be nice if our voices, as they are,
Could make it to the corners of this world without fading away.
If we were to succeed in that, what words should we release there?
On the count of three, let's make an everlasting promise!
Ahh, I used to think, "If I make a wish, at least part of it will come true!", but how long has it been
Since I was last able to look those words in the eye...? What went wrong?
Ahh, in the exact space of time the rain stopped... was the beginning, and the end, of a rainbow;
We were always in disagreement about what awaits us once these lives come to an end.
Someday, let's go give a high five to a feeling undiscovered and unclaimed
By anything in existence- and give a kiss to time itself!
Even being teased by the 5th dimension, I'll still look your way,
So let's choose our secret sign for when we introduce ourselves again!
'Cause I'm heading out now to chase after your name!
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Yume Torou (夢灯籠)

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