終焉はどちら (Owari wa dochira) (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子)
  • Canzone: 終焉はどちら (Owari wa dochira)
  • Richieste: Traslitterazione
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にげる・・・ にげる わたし息をとめて
ふれる・・・ 消え去る またね、さよなら
その果実は 熟れた色になり
したたるように甘い香り 誘う
にげる・・・ にげる なんにもない世界に
紅く・・・ 飛び散る ぼんやり、たたずむ
イケナイ子と みんな指をさす
「手の鳴る方へ ねえ明日はどちら?」
時間が 鼓動を止める
叫びは 灰になってく
一瞬 ほとばしる夢 抱きしめて
にげる にげる あなたやさしすぎる
急ぐ 離れる ヌクモリが痛い
子どもたちの はしゃぐ声を聞く
「手の鳴る方へ ねえ奇跡はどちら?」
魔法が 使えるのなら
オネガイ・・・孤独よ 消えてよ
祈りは 届くのですね?
幾千 幾億の時 道連れに
あなたが わたしに触れる
罪なら 許されるなら
――やさしい声がする アリガト・・・
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Which way is the end?

Running... Running. I stop the breathing.
Touch... It disappears. See you later, goodbye.
That fruit takes on a ripened color,
And trickling out, the sweet scent invites.
Running... Running, in a world devoid of all.
Red... Sprinkling in air. Indistinct, standing still.
All of them point fingers at me as the bad girl.
"Follow the sound of hand claps. Hey, which way is tomorrow?"
Time ends the beats.
Please... Don't leave me behind.
The screams turn to ash.
Embracing the dream that surges forth for just a moment...
Running, running. You're too kind.
Hurrying, separating. The warmth is painful.
I hear the playful voices of the children.
"Follow the sound of the handclaps. Hey, which way is the miracle?"
If I could use magic,
Please... Let Loneliness disappear.
My prayer will reach, I suppose?
As a traveling companion, over thousands, billions of moments.
You touch me.
Please... Don't look at me so much.
If my sins can be forgiven,
I don't want to say any more goodbyes.
--I hear a gentle voice. Thank you...
--That's right, the night will come to its end.
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