Sergio Endrigo - Via Broletto 34 (traduzione in Inglese)

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34 Via Broletto

If you pass by Via Broletto
At number 34
Take off your hats and speak softly
On the first floor sleeps my love
So beautiful is my baby
And she swears always that she loves me so
But when I kiss her
She laughs and speaks of another
Oh she eats nuts
Too many times she leaves me alone
And comes back when she feels like it
And then she hardly looks at me, she doesn't say where she went
So many times I think about leaving her
I'd like to but I can't go
She's my cross to bear, she's my misery
But she's my entire life
For me she's the entire world
And everything that I have
If you pass by Via Broletto
At number 34
You can even yell, do whatever you feel like
My love won't awaken
Now she sleeps and upon her beautiful face
There's a hint of a smile
But right below the heart
There's a small red hole
Red like a flower
It was I
God forgive me
But I am a gentleman
And to no one will I say why
To no one will I say why
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Via Broletto 34

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