Crvena Jabuka - 6.00 (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

6 A.M.

6 A.M. and the morning is washing my face
I listen to the first radio news
I left behind a sleepless night
and yellow cab lights are waiting for me
and the day is peeking through
Oh, if I knew whether you are awake...
6 A.M. and the tram jams
I don't read the gray - sad newspapers
everything that is everyday politics
would spoil my morning
and the day is waiting for me
Oh, if I knew whether you are awake
Hey, I would call you
so your heart would hear the voice
6 A.M. and the rain is making my tired
while the last cigarette is betraying me
here with me everything is still contrary
but the next hundred years will be different
I already have a plan...
Oh, if I knew whether you are awake
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