Abidin - Bavulunu Valizini (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Your baggage, your suitcase

May i take you and put inside me
i feel like loving you like that
i am in favour of love but i m brave
dont know if that sounds good to your ears
May i accessorize you and link onto your arm
but i m jealous i would put my mind on this
we say love is for a life time
i would sacrifice my life for you
If you will love me, love me wholly
if you will be, be mine
there is no way back, think it through
be my lover till the end of time (till death)
Tell me what you think so i know
if you want (me) if you love
take your baggage take your suitcase lets go
if you have abit of trust in yourself
Tell me your opinions/thoughts so i know
if you want (me) if you love
take your baggage/suitcase lets go
if you will share my fate
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Bavulunu Valizini

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