Peter Cornelius - Du entschuldige - i kenn di (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Du entschuldige i kenn Di

When I sometimes start dreaming
I see a gril with eyes so blue
so blue
that it is uncomparable
She was everybodies idol/heart-throb in school
of me and all my friends
but at the last day of school
live set its course
We got out of sight
and I often asked myself what happend to her
the ways we were going
were not the same
And 2 days ago I sit in a diner/pub/restaurant
and I look into 2 eyes and suddenly I know
it´s the blue
which ist uncomparable
Excuse me, I know you
aren´t you the little one
which I used to love as a boy
who was smart with 13 years
smarter than it was allowed, and who worn tight Jeans
I couldn´t sleep for many nights
only because you have blinked with your eyes
towards me on the school yard
Let´s forget (about the past) 15 years
we make up everything
as if there has been no time inbetween
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Du entschuldige - i kenn di

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