Aslı Güngör - Kalp kalbe karşı (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Kalp Kalbe Kars? derler

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i woke up with you suddenly,the time didnt find three yet(it is meant that it is not three still)
a clpoud stopped on my eye,longing for hasnt fitted with us
they say heart is to heart,did you get sad too?( it is an expression if one heart is on opposite to other or to other,it means the owners of these hearts feel the same)
even moon goes,did you think about night?
loneliness is hiden in me
it doesnt go outside even for a while
in my hand there is a photo
he/she must be here now
Kalp kalbe kars? derler sende uzuldun mu?
Ay bile ceker gider beni hic dusundun mu?
Sensizlik bende sakl?
C?kmaz bir an d?sar?
Elimde bir fotograf
O simdi burda olmal?…
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Kalp kalbe karşı

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Sciera    Lun, 06/04/2015 - 12:32

The lyrics have been updated.
Lines changed:
"Yalnızlık bende saklı"
"Beni hiç düşündün mü?"
You may want to update your translation.