Saber Al-Roubai - Khalas tarak (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Khalas tarak

Make your wounds better, hurt me, be harsh to me, and I will accept/handle it
Make your wounds better, play with me, make my eyes cry, and I won't speak
Finish your revenge, put out your fire from the dramas you had before me
That has left me with a scar and fire in my heart
Finish your revenge, put out your fire, I will not say that you were unjust to me
Even if I wasted my life
Just as long as you are at ease and that's enough, leave my heard with me
He who had hurt you from the start, was not me!
I put up with you, because I love you, I put up with you, and no matter how harsh you were my heart still longed for you
My heart, me, my years and life are all in your hands
Me, my fate, my destiny, and my soul were all in you
And it's so wrong for you to waste my life like this right in front of your eyes
Postato da Daydream Mer, 31/12/2008 - 09:26
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