King Charles - We Didn't Start The Fire


We Didn't Start The Fire

Kate Moss, 50 Cent, Obama is the president
PC scares, no one dares, lipitone, coke
climate change, live aid, katemine, new wave, loose malls, hearts are hollow,
indie on the radio
down with self esteem, another beauty magazine,
Bridgeport, suicide, Facebook to face thighs,
hedge funds, boys with guns, manic state mania,
immigration stole the nation, Mother Russia, Alphonsa
We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it
Buton has a breeding camp, but Garbee? stamps his people out,
the gallows take Saddam Hussein, the closing of Guantanamo Bay,
Tracy M. ???, Have we found a new disease?
David Beckham, Posh Beckham, earthquake, and vanity,
the Rolling Stones still play, we all know Tom Cruise is gay,
lime light celebrities, the season lost integrity,
Ian Huntley, Harold Shipman, Madeline is still missing, 20 virgins up in heaven,
what's the cause of 9/11?
We didn't start the fire
sensitive Islamist, satire struggles to exist,
cartoons, teddy bears could start a holy war,
X factor, Glastonbury, Laura Marling, ecstasy, Prince Charles and Camilla,
the media is a bloodsucker,
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, they owned Koreas before the crown,
I'm still loyal to the Queen, and she's still loyal to you and me
Credit Crunch, cash for honors, northern rock, John Prescott,
labor government union embarrassed us all
We didn't start the fire
advancing on the Israelites, terrorist for animal rights,
ununited generation, love is just a hippie notion,
Queen Mother laid to rest, absurd Diana inquests,
the grace of the Prince has stand it's test,
existentialist whine?, Muhammad fiat
Bombs over Baghdad, troops to Afghanistan, war on terror, friendly fire,
what's the truth and what's a lie?
Man has made himself a slave to oil, porn, gold and fame
But as the dollar weakens even further
Britain will be great forever
We didn't start the fire
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