لبيروت (Li Beirut) (traduzione in Inglese)

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Li Beirut

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A greeting from my heart to Beirut
kisses to the sea and to the houses
to a rock, which is like an old sailor’s face
She is made from the people’s soul..from wine
She is from his sweat…a bread and Jasmins
So how does her taste become? A taste of fire and smoke
Beirut has a glory of ashes
My city has turned out her lamp
By a child’s blood, who was over her hand
She’as shut her door, and became alone in the sky
Alone with the night
You are mine, you are mine
Ah Hug me you are mine
You are my flag, tomorrow stone
And a travel’s waves
My people’s wounds have flourished
And mothers tear
You are mine, you are mine
Ah Hug me
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لبيروت (Li Beirut)

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