Mclean (aka Digga) - Broken



Yours was the perfect love, I swear it was.
Until I had your love, my world was cold.
I did what most men do, and I messed it up.
But when I got you back, my world was whole.
thought our life was set in stone
But it wasn’t, and I’m here alone.
(Nothing is in front of me, I feel I can’t even breathe)
Don’t think that I can handle this baby I’m so…
I’m so in agony, look at the state of me.
Left here, broken.
You said you’d never leave, look what you’ve done to me.
Left here, broken.
Verse 2
ou que j'aille je suis perdu
sais tu comment c'est dur de trouver mon chemin apres ca?
je ne devrais meme pas etre comme ca(dans cet etat)
I shouldn’t have to feel like this, Noo Noooo Noo
(Can’t even have company, nobody can talk to me)
I’m messed up, all that I find myself doing,
(Looking at my gallery, drinking and smoking weed)
I hate you for doing this to me girl I’m so.
je n'aurais jamais penser me sentir aussi mal dans ma vie
je le jure je suis
chaque jour je souhaite que ce soit moi qui soit mort
et je suis..
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