Moshtaa Kteer | مشتاق كتير (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

i'm so longing

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i'm so longing
to see u again , my love
our life is short
and only word from u is enough
my eyes kept awak
and still there is something to say
and a lighted candel
& i love u and fly with u
my eyes melted in ur eyes
and my heart is crazy about u
and my eyelids forgot how to sleep
Oh Love, i missed u
u were making my days as sweet
and i used to see u everyday
my heart is asking me about u
plz tell me what's ur news?
Oh, u r such a dream
the most precious dream in my life
my days and my memories
i'm suffering so much without u
i'm so longing
to tell u everything in my heart
take me with u
without u i feel so lonely
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Moshtaa Kteer | مشتاق كتير

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