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By My Side Till We Die

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The same way, each new day,
I run through the city,
and this monotonous world already
asks for more and more.
And if there’s nothing in my pocket anymore,
but you can be seen in my eyes,
the morning is still nice ,
anywhere with you .
Chorus.: And if I didn’t see any more,
the sun to rise,
and the ice to melt, oh-oh!
but if I knew that you were waiting for me
Under the clouds,
It would be enough for me.
So, anywhere and anyhow
Wake up or dream,
By my side till we die,
and then I was not living in vain.
On the earth and in heaven,in the
mist, and in the light
I’ve always felt
There's nothing what I lost.
If all my plans turn into dust (fall apart)
just one thought survives,
How it would feel
When you hold me.
what I carry in myself
what is not included in words
but every time I see you
I know it lasts till we die.
Chorus.: And if I didn’t see you anymore ..
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Mindhalálig mellettem

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