Nanowar of Steel - Gioca Truè (Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay)


Gioca Truè (Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay)

Hail, hail, hail and kill !!
Heavy, Metal !! Heavy Metal gays !!
Better pizza than happy meal,
It's better pizza than happy meal
Healthy food is made of steel
Better pizza than happy meal
Nanowar, Nanowar living on the road
When we're in town posers explode
We only attract whimps , 'cause we're too dumb
Just two retard people, that's Nanowar’s crowd
Queens of metal, we're here to make you laugh
And if you don't, we're gonna kick you ass
Keep on burping, we always will
Other bands play!!
Nanowar Gay !!
Postato da Sciera Sab, 19/03/2011 - 14:29
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