Aco Pejović - Neverna (traduzione in Inglese)

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the rain was falling like crazy
the sky opened
from the rain I hid
she has waited someone so beautiful
could she wait anybody
after 20 minutes
everything got in rain
she got injured, angry
she asked me for cigarette
and I invited her for pizza, and she go
like she waited this long ago
we took the night beside me
like we've known each other long ago
memories has left for me
in the daybreak only from her
she didn't want to look for her
she gave me wrong number
maybe she was married
maybe only engaged
when I remember that night
I meddle whisky with vodka
come again when you want
to be unfaithful to him
after my kisses
she cried long
the name that she told me
and she lied for it too
she abused me
she avenged the one she loved sincerely
and I search her in vain
in every one who I look at
and I hope in vain
for the one who I don't need
since I left without words
I drink in loneliness, heal my wounds in persistence
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