Odotan (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

I am waiting

I won't pay back of course
I have always treated everyone the same
You can say, that i'll wait
for something to happen'
You always close your eyes
but I keep them open
as i want to see everything
I wait all the time
that something will happen'
you are letting me go
I am attached and at same time i am loose
Why would you not hold thighter
so i could kick even harder
Put me in cage behind 5 locks
I am tired of waiting
When we was separated
You wanted all your cd-s back
I threw them all out from balcony to the street
You don't get it?
i am waiting for something to happen
You can't do anything about this situation
I will never ever leave
from under the table
i'll wait here forever
that something will happen
to beautiful, controlled madness
We both have our ugly faults
the both sides
will get revealed
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