Alexander Acha - Te Amo (traduzione in Inglese)

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I Love You

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I love your whole figure, a model of the incredible
Beauty & virtue (all) in one, your agility to forgive
You don't let anyone die & you go on sowing us illusions
You don't know what you cause
I think that you still haven't realized
You make people be grateful for your existence
I love you more than a new world
More than a perfect day
More than a smooth wine
More than a long dream
More than a singing child's ballad
More than my music, more than my years
More than my sorrows, more than my tasks
More than my impulses, more than my pleasures
More than our favorite game
I love you even more than this
I love your whole personality, a parable of life
Powerful Cinderella
Your skill for loving us
You don't forget anyone's pain, you do the most/best to make us happy
You haven't noticed what you are & I'm scared of you noticing (it)
You make the roses fight each other to be your broch
Más que a un día perfecto
Más que a un largo sueño
Más que a mi música más que a mis años
Más que a mis impulsos más que a mis placeres
Más aun que esto te amo
More than a long trip
More than a murky field
More than an old friend
More than any saint
More than your purity, decorated with errors
More than your tenacity that doesn't break
More than your happiness, more than your colors
More than your sensuality, that you think you hide
More than our first kiss
I love you even more than this
More than our first kiss
I love you even more than this
More than our first kiss
I love you even more than this
More than our magical wedding night
I love you even more than this...I love you
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