Rashed AlMajid - Tenhat Al Jarh - تنحط عالجرح يبرى (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Tenhat Al Jahr

The heart is at your command
you know how is my situation
your compassion & ur kindness
if we put them on the wounds they`ll recover it
you r transparent my eyes light
Lovely & ur heart needs me
the flower of my youth & my years
sacrifice for u two thousand times
oooh god..when u talk my love
like u r.. singing..hymn
The roses have learnt from u
& the poets will lost his poems
u r compassionate may god bless u
in your kindness & ur eyes
ur life & ur world is my love
u r my lifes breeze & perfume
I sacrifice for u & for ur voice
when i saw u i adore u & get mad about u
I wish you`ll know I wish
How much your love mean to me
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Tenhat Al Jarh - تنحط عالجرح يبرى

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