Tina Karol - Vyshe Oblakov (Выше Oблаков) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Выше облаков

don't ask love to be careful
don't speed after your yesterday past
to cross your shadow milimeter by milimeter
scream and run to meet the wind
i want to whisper, who will hear?
i want to scream as silently as possible
and melt the steel chains with my tear
the rain cries, i cry, we're like children
higher than clouds we'll start all over again
and to tell "i love"
the whole life will not be enough
why does everytime you fly up
something holds you, and you don't know
how to retain love, it's a secret
to say "goodbye" but not literally
i want to whisper, who'll hear?
i want to scream as silent as possible
my will is strong but who'll believe it?
i know, no one believes tears
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Vyshe Oblakov (Выше Oблаков)

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