3rei Sud Est - Vorbe care dor (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Words that hurt

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At night - I'll leave
Because it's not easy for me
When I feel, again, the cold bed,
& empty & your voice, like an echo
A new day
You won't know
I look toward the sky & I ask why
The regrets don't make any sense
Again I point towards nowhere
Words...words that still hurt
Words spoken too easily
Late mornings
Vorbe spuse prea usor
There still can be something between us
They're just illusions
At night - I'll leave
It's hard for me, but I try
I want to somehow erase from my mind
Words in which I no longer believe
In my being it's a hard fight
To not look back
& I've closed my open arms
I let myself be carried by the wind through the night
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Vorbe care dor

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