Ako umrem sutra (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

If I Die Tomorrow

I said: God, it's better that I confess to you right now, if I die tomorrow
And if I don't raise with the sun the next morning
Let them burn my body and keep my ashes
Let them celebrate, just so that they can be happy
I won't run, if there is no time
Nothing pulls the heart like someone else's disloyalty
I will play with heaven's musicians
So that you can hear, brother how this song cries
I'll come back, if I die tomorrow
I'll live by your words one morning
When you remember how you were happy
Light one up for me with good intentions
And if you will, you have one here from me
Nothing more holds me than the memories
Only one thing I truly request of you
If I die tomorrow, promise me you won't cry
Light one candle if I die tomorrow
And you don't see me the next morning anymore
You'll see me again when we find the meaning
I'll come back as your guardian angel
I've sinned, I have, don't be angry now
But sometimes a wrong step determinates the whole path
Just one thing I beg of you God
Look after my mother and tell her that I love her
If I die tomorrow
Maybe some will forget me right away
Maybe some won't even notice, who knows?
If I die tomorrow, I sending my last regard
I'm sure that I'll get to know you better
Then when I won't be anymore (dead)
Remember me when you go out at night
I'll be with you those days, just like yesterday
Maybe you won't see me, but you'll hear
I'll see who loves me, but that I didn't know of
I'll see who it hurts, but that I didn't know of
I'll contact that I've arrived well (happily)
Firts home, then you, you'll see
I talk about everything, you don't have to listen
But maybe the worse is better than right here now
If I've deserved itfor you to carry me in your heart
I'll be near, I'll wacht how you drive
If I die tomorrow
Brother keep your head up, like I'm with you here
Than tell me everything out loud, friend I'm listening to you
It's not important that I'm not here with you tomorrow
Order one for me also, like I'm sitting across (the table)
I know that you're sorry, but don't admit it
Whipe those tears, that run (slide) across your face
DOn't let others see how you cry
Brother, I know that you miss me and don't show it
So don't worry, I'll be here with you always
You're not the only ones, my mother also cries for me
It can't be changed, well it's real
Someone dies young and someone lives a ripe old age
Someone will think of me also, but someone won't
I'll look for who will all bring me flowers at the cemetery
Know that I'll look after you wherever you go
Brother we'll see each other here when you arrive here
If I die tomorrow
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Ako umrem sutra

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