Aman Aman - Sien Drahmas Al Dia

Ladino (Giudeo-spagnolo)
Ladino (Giudeo-spagnolo)

Sien Drahmas Al Dia

Sien drahmas el dia tomo
ya te puedo mantener, ah!
De tu madre no la como
ah aman aman, ah!
que me quero detener, ah!
Fuyiremos de la pena
porque yo ya se ganar, ah!
Vamos a la Palestina,
ah aman aman, ah!
para no mos rovinar, ah!
Ve coriendo ande mama,
azele la propozisión,
quiero solo una cama,
ah aman aman, ah!
que es la consolasión, ah!
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Michael DidenkoMichael Didenko    Ven, 26/07/2019 - 09:26

Originally Sien Drachams was a popular Greek song that was adopted by the Sephardic community of Thessaloniki (that settled down in Greece after the expulsion from Spain in 1492). The two performers who created it were Sadik and Gazoz, who worked together in the thirties of the last century. They set Ladino lyrics to Greek songs. At a time when the Jewish community in Greece thrived and flourished, they published their Ladino songs in local magazines.

Also this beautiful song is performed by Yamma Ensemble:

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