J-Ax - Ancora in piedi (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Still Standing

Like you, they created me to consume.
An abandoned fetus in this trashcan, filled with different cultures.
It’s musical vandalism, thanks to which
I saw things that my social class could not imagine.
Make me remember how things were as a young boy.
Everyone had a cousin who would take drugs intravenously,
Development/growth imprisoned, while an executive would flee with the spoils / plunder, as if he was after a turnip.
Time passes, but the essence doesn’t change. Italy is the same. But Facebook is has become the piazza.
From gangs in Emilia-Romagna(1) to broadband
It’s always a big hit, like Smaila’s nighttime program(2).
I wanted truth. They gave me stories.
I wanted liberty. They gave me drugs.
I didn’t want a category. Now, I have a tag.
I wanted anarchy. Now, I’m carrying/wearing a tee-shirt.
RERAIN. Can you believe it? We’re still standing.
Without your religion, your ambition, your advice.
Without having to say a single “Yes, sir” in reply to you.
Still standing. And at the end of life, I won.
Still standing. And when I see my friends, I won
Still standing. And when I look at my girl(3), I won.
Still standing. And when you hear this record, I won.
It seems that the elixir of life is power, too much money, having tons of steamy(4) affairs…
Being an escort is preferable for us Italians; taking part there without tossing out 7,000 euros.
Me and my friends, on the other hand, have lives that are full of paranoia.
We part rebelliously, only to find ourselves facing difficult times once again.
(What is the world happened ???)(5)
You were once a playboy. But if you take a good took at yourself now, you’ll see that you’re the honest one,
Because you pay your taxes like an idiot,
And you love your girl without ever cheating on her.
An upstanding citizen who no longer smokes. I watch out for it.
However, you send texts while pushing a stroller. The future’s arrived.
Being able to buy things is power. You devote yourself to her. With some assessment you become a minister.
It’s easy to steal and no one will be the wiser.
Of course, you can bet your life on a disc.
I write these words down: megalomaniac, auto-celebratory.
Because they do not gratify people like me.
And now, those voices of my generation,
The majority of my peers – they seem to be in a state of stupor(6).
For the majority of these sad guys
Corona(7), not my lyrics, is a legend among the them.
And it’s the minority who turn off DeFilippi on TV ( 8 ),
Who come to my concerts and curse you off with their clenched teeth,
Who undergo your anti-drug tests,
And give you anti-ignorance and anti-stupidity and anti-greed and thirst of power tests-
Their greed against our delight.
Babylon falls as I told you it would.
Do you see how much fun I’m having? Tell me now, “who’s dumb?”
There’s the one who runs after time,
And then, there’s the one who runs only to feel the win in his face. “Eh?”
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Commenti dell’autore:

(1)Criminal organization in Emilia-Romangna (1987 – 1994). http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banda_della_Uno_bianca

(2) “Colpo Grosso” was a nighttime program, which aired during the 1980s in Italy. It was directed by Umberto Smaila. This Italian program (and its other international versions) elicited a great deal of backlash for its content at the time because it highlighted nude and stripping women. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colpo_grosso_(programma_televisivo)

(3) I used “my girl” here instead of the literal translation for the phrase--“my woman”--because it is more affectionate and better carries the meaning in the original Italian text.

(4) “Steamy” used here in order to keep the lyrics clean. The original term in Italian has the same basic meaning, but is more vulgar.

(5) Again, keeping the lyrics clean here. The original term is an explicative, deriving from frustration. I believe, “What in the world???” works as a good substitute.

(6) Literally : Drugged with metadone.

(7)Corona – Beer brand.

( 8 ) Maria DeFilipi – Italian TV host (1961 – present). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_De_Filippi


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