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Andrea Doria (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in IngleseInglese

Andrea Doria

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Sometimes it seemed that from believing so much
In what we thought was so right,
We would have the whole world and even a little more:
We would make a forest from the desert
And diamonds from pieces of glass.
But I see now
That your smile
Comes differently
Almost seeming to hurt you
I didn't want to see you like this
I want your strength like it was before
What you have is only yours
And it's not worth it to run away
And not feel anything any more.
Sometimes it seemed that we just needed to improvise
And then the world would be an open book,
Until the day came in which we tried to have too much,
Selling easily what didn't have a price.
I know - it's all meaningless.
I want to have someone to talk to,
Someone that doesn't later use what I said
Against me.
Nothing more will hurt me
I already accustomed myself
To the wrong road I followed
And my own law.
I have what's left
And I have lots of luck
As I know you have too.
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Andrea Doria

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