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Andrea Doria (traduzione in Inglese)

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Andrea Doria

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At times it seemed that believing too much
In all we thought to be very right, would
Bring us the whole world and even some more:
We'd make forest out of deserts
And diamonds out of pieces of glass.
But now I see
That your smile
Looks different
Almost as if it's hurting you
I'd rather not see you like that
I want your old pulse back.
What you have is solely yours
And run away is not worth it
And cease from feeling it all.
At times improvising seemed quite enough
And then the world would be an open book,
Till the day came when we tried to have more than it
Effortlessly retailing what was priceless.
I know - nothing makes sense.
I want someone with whom to talk,
Someone that later on won't use my words
against me.
Nothing else harm will do me
I got used already
With wrong followed road
And with my own rules.
I have what's left
And I'm more than lucky
As I know you have it too.
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Andrea Doria

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