Aos pés da cruz (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Before the Holy Cross

Jesus, my glorious, You are
My inspiration to go on the way
Even when everything's not going fine
I keep looking at You
For I know You're keeping the best to give me
There's a secret in Your heart
Oh, give me the strength I need to go on
Keeping Your promise through my prayer
My heart, oh Lord, is standing tall
Standing tall on Your promises
I'm looking at you through it all
This way, I know I can go ahead
And even when I cry
My tears will be the water
To grow my faith
And bring consolation to my heart
Because those who cry before the Holy Cross
Claiming in the name of Jesus
Will be rewarded by You
With mercy, blessing and light.
Your love never ceases
It's eternal, it never ends
How glorious You are, Lord
How glorious You are to me
Your blessing is my shelter
I'm resting under Your might
My glorious, you are, you are
To me,
Mercy, blessing and light
Mercy, blessing and light
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Aos pés da cruz

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