Asking for it

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Asking for it (Inglese) — Looking to provoke a fight or conflict intentionally or not. If given as a warning someone might say, "If you touch me, your asking for it!" Meaning the possibility of bodily harm.

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GrecoΠας γυρεύοντας
IngleseCruising for a bruising

“Asking for it” nei testi

I won , too bad , you were asking for it
Sir , you are my toy
Now , it's no longer " Sir " but just " you "
& You will do , you were asking for it
Anything for me

Brigitte Bardot - Me I play

my lips are dry and thirsty
are looking in the asphalt for water
the vehicles are passing next to me
and you are saying me that a storm is waiting for us
and you are pulling me into a dump cambare

Dimitris Mitropanos - roza

My secretary reproaches me
"You're a bit late; I was starting to get worried!"
Oh! I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I got to go home
But first a coffee

Oldelaf & Mr D. - The coffee

They aren't spoiled, they have to eat soup from a can
And they play with heads torn off of doll bodies
You want out, that old cliche, get back to the land
And then I shout something like "You're really asking for it now!
You're not going anywhere with the kids!"
I'll chase you with an axe through a maze

Alligatoah - Will You?

I want to carry you away
And to make love to you
Let me touch you
Your body is asking for it

I really really want you

Arcángel - I really really want

I start over again from here
and I baptize all my harms
having faith in myself
without kidding myself
but with a principle to defend
I completely bet on us

Laura Pausini - So beautiful like this

I miss you, forget you Y love you again

I have lost everything, up to the identity
And if you were asking for it more it might give
The fact is that when it loves itself, Nothing is too much

Ricky Martin - I miss you, I forget you, I love you

without asking for it. i fell in love again
could it be that this happens at this age?
it was a fast relationship what brought me to you.

you are where i start and where i end
hell and heaven and everything else

Ricky Martin - Fire against fire

So I was completely white. He even thought about details:
I checked my peter, I feel ashamed, I won't tell you its length
Why did thou just do that to me? Honestly, I didn't deserve it
Never heard of Michael Jackson? He's been asking for it for 30 years


Kamini - I'm white

Enjoy it!

Enjoy it becuase your body is asking for it!

Move it!

Ricky Martin - More

I get to the office, my secretary says to me,
"You're a little late, I was getting worried!"
I threw her through the window, she was asking for it!
So, I had to go home, but first... a coffee.

Oldelaf & Mr D. - Coffee

I don't want you to love me, I'm not asking for it
only to give me this night with you
I don't want you to fall in love with me and feel something for me
because you'll hurt me, and also hurt yourself

Be my company tonight

Antonis Remos - I don't want you to love me

How awkwardly we stand again
That you turn your head
Like this everything is destroyed
Without asking for it

And say

Michalis Hatzigiannis - Who am I

A little kiss on your lips for you (x2)

I want to kiss you on the mouth and you won't let me
If I'm asking for it, you lean back
If you like me and I like you, why won't you give in
Stop the games and kiss me on the mouth already!

Tito El Bambino - I want to kiss you

Women watch you in displeasure, all men want to buy you a drink.
All you do is promise, tease and flee away, you are simply asking for it!
You get up and dance, flirt in a sleazy way and now you are having a sip out of my glass.
One moment you give in, next moment you refuse to, little tart, you sure love this game!

Ilian - tupalka

My secretary reproaches me
"You're a bit late; I was starting to get worried!"
Oh! I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I got to go home
But first a coffee

Oldelaf & Mr D. - The coffee

And open wide, 'cause this is your night
So smile.

Yeah, yeah you're asking for it
With every breath that you breathe in
Just breathe it in

Paramore - Fences

Let's finish this conversation, I'm in a hurry.
My mind is leaving me, the moon is laughing at me.
I'm not asking for it, you want it.

I will overcome every defeat.

D@D - I fall asleep next to you

Take me above the stars and when I have you in my arms,
You're asking me "Are our dreams (made) of fire, do you love me?'', you're asking for it and aloft... let's go
You should look above the stars and when we are the two of us alone, you're asking me
"Are our dreams (made) of fire, do you love me?'', you're asking for it and aloft... let's go

REC - Let's go

Can't get enough, I think I'm in love

Can't stop thinking 'bout the things I wanna do to you
If you move any closer you'd be asking for it too
I want your love, I need your touch
So much I think I'm in love

BoA - Eat You Up

But when you're looking at me, I'm shy
and I don't feel at ease

Tell me what you're asking for - it's not decent
Tell me what you have in mind - aah, it's not allowed
Tell me, please - Alright

Despina Vandi - Hotel

forty five mens called Yannis (Jonh) make one cockerel's knowledge
if only I had you (means the knowledge) from the very begging, where they crow it slows to dawn

And I was asking for it and I got in trouble with this Yannis (Jonh)
who doesn't touch a mobile phone to call me
these boots Yannis (Jonh) was made for walking

Maro Markellou - It slows to dawn

Mommy loves you
I'm just tired of you and your brother's shit.
And you know I didn't mean to hit you,
But you were asking for it.

Maria Mena - Power Trip Ballad

There's the blog too, still waiting for you to come in and comment
Ask you to Message, however many times, just three simple words
Or you can come and ring my door bell, any way you want
Just asking for this much, you mom's not against it, right?

I luv u I. luv u. Hey, I love u. Love you so much

Faye Fang Kaew - I Luv U

Oh, let me in
Ah, the closer I get
Ah, you're asking for it
Ah, the closer I get
Ooh, the closer I

Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

When she walks out
all she wants is to be led.
All my boys say
she's just asking for it,
I ain't sayin’ nothing.

Fink - Pretty Little Thing

Very sure of my love
You forgot that nobody has the control of his heart (heart)
Now she asks me for love and I don't have it (and I don't have it)
In the time you were asking for it, it died

No more chocolate

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - If I don't answer her

Or you weren't there, or you were sleeping?
It doesn't matter, do you understand?
Without my asking for it,
You don't do anything

Kayahan - Like It Came From Within Me

I evade love
But I couldn't evade it with you
I'm always drawn to the bad
And it seems I'm asking for it
I need mistakes,
And you want love from me?

Galena - Don't try

We beat those, who walked to protest

With always being surprised by the stealer and stolen
With asking for it while always killing in the name of customs
With always seeking answers from hodjas and ulemas
We stayed here tested and tested...

Duman - Tested and Tested

There is a demon
An evil mind
Inside us
Oh I know, I know
We all know the rules
When water will be shed

Demons & Wizards - Wicked Witch

They fake sincerity
Thy gifts don't give to me
Now you've been anointed
They've been asking for it

[Hook: Alice Glass]

Crystal Castles - Plague

To see what it's like there and then come back again

Those who rushed to judge me,
And to say in vain that I was asking for it,
The moment has come with this song,
For them to see that I was wandering between two worlds

Pantelis Pantelidis - The Motorcycle Of Time

I'm what you're looking for and I'm here
Ready to give you something unique
Both you and me are asking for it
The scene is set in my mind
Don't resist, let me see

Royal - With one look of yours

I know, that life is hurried
that everything happens,
without we asking for it
I know,
I know that time doesn't stop,

Mariza - Time Doesn't Stop

I'm what you're looking for and I'm here
Ready to grant you something unique
You are asking for it and I
Have already this scene on my mind*
Don't resist,let me see

Royal - With a look of yours

She did not want any
And I insisted
And since she tasted it
She is always asking for it

Portuano is a fine drink

Jhon Alex Castaño - Portuano rum

"You're a little late
I was worried"
I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I gotta get home
But before that, a coffee

Oldelaf - Coffee

Was she asking for it?
Was she asking nice?
If she was asking for it
Did she ask you twice?

Hole - Asking For It

My poor heart would like to,
Even my old girl won't say no,
My poor heart is asking for it,
But there is no vigour.

Dusko Opric - When I was young

I dare ya, dare ya, dare ya
You're asking for it, you're asking for it
And I'm just saying, boy
You're asking for it, you're asking for it
I dare ya, dare ya, dare ya

Gwen Stefani - Asking 4 It

'Cause it's fucking expensive looking so cheap
'Cause it's fucking expensive living like me
Fucking expensive being a God, to be on top...
I'm not asking for much, I'm asking for it all
I don't know what I want, so I'm taking place

Joy (Sweden) - No stopping

What are you waiting for, come closer
you tell me a lot, lot, lot that this bass -
I was asking for it, I didn't give that chance
if you don't believe it, come on, let's bet on it

Dhurata Dora - Bubble

She liked it,
You know she liked it!
Well, she was asking for it.

Hole - Dicknail

You were arguing and now you’re asking for it, asking for it, asking

You know you’re asking for it, asking for it
You know you’re asking for it, asking

Shinedown - Asking For It

I'm afraid of lights and get embarrassed quickly
I enjoy myself in shadows
Indecisive maybe, you can't get a clear response out of me
Shy, quiet, except when drunk I shout like I'm asking for it

Would you still take me?

Happoradio - Would you still take me

I have missed him, I'm asking for it
I can't bear talking
To smoky debris
They have stayed forgotten to me
He will come today at six
My soul won't last

Elli Kokkinou - And he says to me

And you're crazy, you're playing with your butt
An, an tutudum an, an (2x)
you're asking for it, an an
Get ready, I'm going to dance, pay attention
An, an tutudum an, an

Anitta - Go on naughty

(And yet you hear that)

The clothes were too revealing
She was asking for it
That red lipstick
Acting all slutty

Mulamba - W.H.O.R.E

Poetry is my breath, it moves
my feet, hesitatingly at times,
across the earth who's asking for it.

Voltaire had smallpox, but

Remco Campert - Poetry is an act

Oh baby! If I think about you
I get all flustered and I don't know what to say.
And, if I close my eyes, I know
That I will hear you asking for it yet another time.

Oh baby! If I think about you

Mónica Naranjo - You Only Live Once

And you're crazy, playing with that ass
An, an tutudum an, an (2x)

You're asking for it, an, an
Get ready, I'm gonna dance so pay attention
An, an tutudum an, an

Anitta - Go Naughty