آواز یک رسم (āvāz-e yek rasm) [The Ballad of Flemmingrad] (traduzione in Inglese)

  • Artista: Olaf's Frozen Adventure (OST)
  • Artista partecipante (featuring): Mojtaba Shafiee
  • Canzone: آواز یک رسم (āvāz-e yek rasm) [The Ballad of Flemmingrad] 2 traduzioni
  • Traduzioni: Inglese, Traslitterazione

آواز یک رسم (āvāz-e yek rasm) [The Ballad of Flemmingrad]

این رسم با یه آواز شروع می‌شه. یه آواز شگفت‌انگیزناک
(الاف:عاشقتم. بیگیر بوخون)
باز دوباره یکی در خونه رو زد
درو باز کن ببینیم کی در زد
باز دوباره مهمون داریم
شادی فراوون داریم
(الاف:قشنگ بوخون)
تیک و تیک و تیک، ساعت خونه
می‌گه که حالا وقت مهمونه
(السا:کی می‌گه؟)
مهمون توی سال نو
(آنا:آه یه تروله)
صفای خونه ی تو
در ادامه لیسش می‌زنی و آرزو می‌کنی
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The song of a tradition

- This tradition starts with a song, an awesome song!
- (Olaf:) I love you. Start singing!
- Someone knocks the door again
Open the door to see who knocks the door
We have guests once more
We have a lot of happiness
- (Olaf:) Sing it better!
- Tick & Tick & Tick (clock's ticktock sound), the clock of the house
Says that it's time for guests(' comings)
- (Elsa:) Who says?!
- The guests of the new year
- (Anna:) Ah! That's a troll!
- The pleasure of your home
Then you'll lick it & make a wish!
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Hope you like the Persian lyrics♪Thanks to @Icey for helping to edit the mistakes of main topic.
Performed by Mojtaba Shafi'i/مجتبی شفیعی as Kristoff.
Elsa: Afsaneh Hosseini/افسانه حسینی
Anna: Narges Panahi/نرگس پناهی
Olaf: Majid Davoudi/مجید داودی

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The truth is what Abanda dubs is just some clips of a movie (it is as a fandub project for them in a studio!)
Can you name a fandub?! but as it is a studio dub anyway, I decided to make a title for it according to the lyrics.

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The source lyrics have been updated. Please review your translation.