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Baudelaire - The Dancing Snake

8.How I love to see, languid dear,
5.Of your fine body,
8.The skin, shimmer so bright and clear,
5. Cloth so flickery !
8. Your deep hair create anew
5. With its acrid scents
8.A sea, vagrant and odorant
5.Of waves brown and blue.
8.Just like a ship that gets awake
5.With morning wind,
8.My dreamy soul gets under way
5.To reach the welkin.
8.Your eyes, where nothing gets revealed
5.Sweet or bitter:
8.Two cold jewels where get mingled
5. The gold and pewter.
Seeing you walk and sway and swing,
Submissive beauty,
You look just like a snake dancing
Around a stick.
With the weight of your laziness
Your child's head aslant
Sways itself with all the softness
(of) a young elephant.
And your body leans and stretches,
Like a slim schooner
Which, rolling side to side, plunges
Its yards in water.
Just like a stream swelled by the thaw
Of rumbling glaciers,
When the water deep in your throat
Rises to your teeth,
I feel I drink a Bohemian wine
Victorious and tart,
A liquid sky sprinkling from up high
Stars onto my heart.
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