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Bim Bam Boum

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I am a woman, half-moon and half-human
An anagram, an erratum
They design me, they shape me
I fascinate you, it amazes you
I have a heart which beats unsteadily
Adrenaline dopes me
While beating the rhythm
Bim bam bim boum
Bim bam bim boum
Bim bam bim boum
My heart whispers
Bim bam bim boum
Bim bam bim boum
My whole being gets chapped
I am a dream, an ectoplasm
Just a lie, a pleonasm
I remain unmoved through your spasms
I don't find my place in your fantasies
Under my iron mask
Tears are hurting
My old wounds
My heart whispers
My soul murmurs
Under my armor
I am getting chapped
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Bim bam boum

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jaimepapier    Dom, 24/02/2013 - 10:35

This is super fussy, but 'boum' should be written 'boom' in English Tongue smile