Bläckfisken (Blaeckfisken) (traduzione in Inglese)

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The Octopus

I am a little octopus with wide ambitions.
I am a little bloodsucker who earns millions.
I wander and hug and suck out your life,
and when I have gotten an arm around you, you never will be free.
Perhaps I am like the night, but my color is dark blue.
I live in the water preferably, in the swamp, I can best go there.
I have one arm in the North sea and one in the Spanish sea.
but I love the Mediterranean, I want to reach around in it.
The operations go smoothly,
there is much to take.
I have made bloodsucking
Into a real science.
I am sucking subtilty - take a little bit at a time.
Otherwise they will be afraid and won't want to know about it
I give great trust - one asks for my patronage.
But when I cut the meat from them, then I hit them on the back.
Everything I take is paying off,
and I am growing
The wrath of God awaits me,
then I can calm myself.
I dream of holding the whole earth in an iron grip,
and invite competitors to a real rebuttal.
We octopus are hard, but we live as we learn.
To eat up each other is a labor of love.
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Björn Afzelius wrote the following about Bläckfisken:

"Kapitaismen är till sin natur expansiv. Får den verka ostörd leder den till slut över i ren imperialism - kulturellt, ekonomiskt eller militärt"

"Capitalism is by its nature expansive. If it is appears undisturbed it leads in the end to pure imperalism - cultural, economic, or military."


Bläckfisken (Blaeckfisken)

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