BlackSea4ever - Mermaid wannabe

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Mermaid wannabe

Where I to be bonded to the sea,
I'd befriend the fish, gather shells,
And float in the blue-green glee,
Among the sea stars, casting spells.
The spells to keep my new friends,
In my sand castle under the waves,
Where we would dance, dance, dance,
Make music, sculpt, and paint caves.
The caves will great treasures hold:
The shipwreck finds, pearls and gold,
But what good are those if you hoard?
At the end, I would just be bored!
I'd want the power to walk the land,
To race the horses on the beach,
And at my will command the winds,
Yet the gold choker and the armbands -
Seem to limit the sheer audacity to reach.
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