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Bosko and Admira

It has been long ago
in a country that doesn't exist anymore
Something has covered the time
Something the people forgot.
I remember the destiny of a lot (of people)
in the city among Trebevica,
but Bosko and Admira
have already been a story of a movie
Around them the days have burned
they not even had a chance
but hard times always
bring along big romances
They weren't from the same race
they hadn't the same god
but they had each other
and a dream of escape from all that
They say love can
can beat every evil
but seems like the human don't know
to use these guns
What Julia, what Romeo
nobody loved each other like that
and no one ever will
as long as there's water flowing in the Miljacka
And there's the question when there will again
on the little, white planet
two hearts touch each other
and put love beyond the flags
This happens a lot here
there's some invincible threshold
which you pass and the angel inside you
takes off his wings and turns into a devil
And in front of the sniper on the bridge Vrbanja
and in front of this, which I know best
the two have stood alone
at the last station of their dream
Therefore remember them
All you big and mighty ones
who instead of in their heart keep
love, faith, holy character
in the rearview mirror
Therefore remember them
You can't not care
Is heaven the only place
where we can be one,
where we can be together?
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Boško i Admira

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