Botifarra de pagès (1974) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Catalan sausage (1974)

Fourteen years of being hungry
fourteen years of faltering
maybe they were many years
fourteen years without a league
One, two, three, catalan sausage!
When the thing doesn't work
a hundred millions don't matter
and as the stock market sounds
we brought to Barcelona
the best legs of the world.
If everything goes better than before
spending duros1 doesn't scare us,
the catalonians already say it
that paying, Saint Peter sings,2
if the priests will excuse us.
The flag is waving with great joy
the shawm throws its joyful chant to the air
remembering a great moment of our history
celebrating a glorious five nil
Five bell stokes sounded
there at Puerta del Sol
they gave us back four
but we still won for a goal.
As you see, who's not happy
is because he doesn't want...
One, two, three, catalan sausage!
And now the real culés
want to spend the bills
buying records, dolls
and quality songs
posters, paintings and underpants.
While the tit keeps dripping
they'll treat us like puppets
and they'll reach to invent
armpit deodorants
with the Barça colors.
And now singers, comes the main thing.
Get ready for the final chorus
Cruyff, Cruyff, Cruyff..
Cruyff, Cruyff, Cruyff..
Cruyff, Cruyff, Cruyff..
Like a vulgar frog choir
we'll eulogize your feet,
sensational player:
Now nobody can laugh at us:
Long live Catalonia...!
Long live the Barça and Montal.
Catalonist let's get together
that now thanks to football,
we can scream loud until we choke
we are and we will be... Barça members
whether we want it or not!
whether we want it or not!
  • 1. coins of five pesetas
  • 2. eveything is possible with money
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Botifarra de pagès (1974)

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