Bring owls to Athens

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Bring owls to Athens (Inglese) — To do something pointless, unnecessary, or superfluous.

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Is this actually a common phrase in English? We use it in German ("Eulen nach Athen tragen") but I've never heard it being used in English. I know various sayings with the same meaning ("preaching to the converted", "bring sand to the beach", "taking coals to Newcastle", "cutting melted butter" etc.) but I'm not aware of "bringing owls to Athens". - mk87 5 mesi fa
Yes! Both the English and German sayings come from the Ancient Greek proverb "γλαῦκ' εἰς Ἀθήνας." It's not as widely used in English as it is in German, but I've seen it before. - Kmiltreu 5 mesi fa

Bring owls to Athens — Valami értelmetlen dolgot csinálni.

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