Cantare e d'amore (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

To sing is about love

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Like a fiction
Made not of blood but of red
I tasted water and salt but not tears
A conflagration like that of a battle
A close-by appearance of fire and straw
And our hearts are mad horses inside
Being in love is like running away
It is a perpetual “What have I done?”, What have I said?”
But not the reality
And it doesn't matter whatever you call it
It is my real illusion
Which proudly flows
Through the fingers of life
Leaving voices and beautiful pictures of us behind
(it is) A wonderful confusion
Appearing in conversations and gestures
And every burden filled with passion
It is a sigh but not the truth
That there is always another story without her
Without her who is lavished with my kisses of love
It is improvisation
Not wind or sun
But a cruel rain that had better not exist
Being in love is like climbing
Onto a screen of illusions
And believing in that ivy reality
It is a lie, my darling,
A long nose and a good-bye-like taste
But not the reality
And it doesn't matter whatever you call it
It is a life which you don't know (yet)
And you will surely revive
When I sing my love to you
(Love is) when all of the pledges
Made to you become betrayals
And life, to your astonishment, derails
Love goes ahead of understanding
And makes our reason stupid
It is not true that the more you speak about it, the fewer kisses you get
It is my real illusion…
And who is in love sings
Among the voices of life
About the water encountering its own profligacy
Or it is better not to sing, to stay numb, if there isn't any voice of love
But somebody has to do it and I am who will sing to you and find an escape in your heart
Not the reality
And it doesn't matter whatever you call it
Because to love, to love means to sing
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Cantare e d'amore

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