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Dear Teacher

Dear teacher, one day you taught me
that, in this world, we—we are all equal;
but when the principal entered the classroom
you made us all stand up,
and when janitor came into the classroom
you allowed us to remain seated.
My good man, you said that the church
is the home of the poor—of poor people.
But you have adorned your church with gold curtains & colored marble.
How can a poor man who enters
feel as if he belongs there?
Dear mayor, I heard that one day
you shouted to the people: “Victory or Death!”
Now I would like to know why you have not won but yet are not dead—
and, in your place, how many other people died
who wanted neither victory nor death.
Questa è una traduzione poetica. Ci possono essere degli scostamenti rispetto all'originale (parole in più, informazioni mancanti o aggiuntive, concetti modificati ecc.).
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Cara maestra

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