Caro il mio Francesco (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

My Dear Francesco

My dear Francesco as you see I'm writing you
and when someone writes, he must have a reason
mine is to tell you that your poisoned
in these days - I have consumed it
it is clear how different we are
how much different are the times of the path
but it's days during which it sounds closer
all that fit of rage of you
Be it so that here too
four in the morning
be it so that here too the anguish
and a bit of wine
be it so that there's nothing I can do about it
if now the poison comes up into me
and so come in another one (= "next !")
and thanks to what you gain you stay quiet
come in another one even
thanks to what you earn you smile in the photo
my dear Francesco this letter reaches you
in a small country there upon the Apennines
maybe I've understood why do you live there
where one feels so alone
one feels alone because of what it has been seen
and then for all those who have done so soon
to mount on to do somehow your trip
swearing that they gave (= w'd had given) an arm for you
they spoke about style, about committment and values
but as soon as you have ceased to be useful for them
they were already far away,
the (= their) tongue close to another ass
and so come in another one
at least apologize (you) for disorder
come in another one even
'cause if you're there, that's because you're just a little smarter (1)
My dear Francesco, you, who knows a little the colleagues
and perhaps no coincidence you live there on the Apennines
you know, down here there's someway three types of them
good artists cunnings and mice
the mouse just sings how much he's pure
and then he gives away his mother to stay on the paper
and he's so pure that he throws you shit
only for a wider title
and me that my contempt - I keep it inside me
that the manure pit is filled already publicly
but those who are presumed pure (2 )
they can happily kiss this buttock of mine
and so come in another one
you wanted your bike to ride
come in another one even
respond to insults is just a low promoting
My dear Francesco we have many privileges
but among those, scars certainly aren't part of them
of those who want to talk - going on hug
on things on which they don't understand a dick
I do not know how it was then
I know a bit about now
or you are the number one, or you are the greatest bog
and the time they give you is up to the refrain
and many times up to that neither
there's no worse deaf than those who don't want to hear
Just think to those who don't hear and then want to talk on
but my dear Francesco, it is already morning
Here I have to wake up
and so come in another one
I pass you my phone say hallo to my girl
come in another one even
convince her that I am her boy for life
My dear Francesco that's the time to say goodbye
we would have laughed about it if we had talked of
I know that makes no sense to stay and complain
of some consequences of the job
And I know that I let that getting out of hand
because a vent often makes wrong the measure
but as I said you it's four in the morning
anxiety and a bit of wine
and then I go on to sing life
always and only according to how I see it
that the death likes to play and to sing
those who cannot suffer alone
and then come in another one
someone who is willing to listen
come in another one even
someone who is willing to dance
and then come in another one
someone who has the time to listen
come in another one even
someone who has time to dance
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Commenti dell’autore:

(1) = in italian version - correct: "perché SEI (= you're) solo un po' più furbo"
(2) = in italian version line, "mi" (= to me) is a typing mismatch.


Caro il mio Francesco

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