O.S.T.R - Co ty tu robisz (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

What are you doing here?

Dedicated to all losers
Who shit over their asses
What are you doing here?
I'm just worrying about nothing
What are you doing here?
Maybe I'm gonna find some part
I could say that my style is a diamond
That I've got a house like a castle, with 50 cameras in it
That I'm crossing streets with Gan Magnum
Even God won't change midget's land
Please don't freak
Reality stinks like two-person Wartburg
This world is a fortress, like people claim
You've got only one chance to fetch up in it
Give here, what is the most precious
No words, intentions, existences
Time of interference for you to spot those details
Wartburg, not Porsche, looking at Dossia
There is driving a portrait of a guy with omlette's face
Solari set
Imagine spicy Pididi
Sweet Cincini
Boobs and Italian companions
Like people say, orgy
You can be a sucker and yet you will know what's good
Anyway, there are no suckers nowadays
It's about problems on a subject
I turn subject into thoughts
I could mind you say
That I've got miliard in casino
Fat rhymes like Beata Maksymow*
Unapproachable like BM with turbine
If you prefer Ale Kino** throw away the pulley
Or give me that money
Or give me that money
If you hope for whores, cars, coctails
For a girl who makes this and that right
If you hope for plums, condoms, mines
For a sauna
Take a gear
And fuck yourself
Here everything happens for real
Some are not meant to sober down
I could say that I've got this estates
Built of paper bricks
Irony drowns
I don't dare to dream about Pantheon
Visting philharmony I will sigh
About a hundred in envelope
Everyone has apparently preferences
And here there is strychnine in an offer
I can rime that I fuck the system
I've got dollars, euro
Accounts under one button
Dolche Pedro contract
Doesn't equal profit
Father didn't give - there isn't
Why the fuck should I talk about BMs?
About houses, pools?
What I've got is relax
And I won't give away relax for quids
The same
The same guilts
Even though everyone understands it in a different way
How to avoid renown
Actions counts
Look, for word's poplin
It's an ordinary stuff like brew
Where's the moral?
Why the fuck should we talk about banks?
My home is Batuły, not Sri Lanka
Yep, so check it out!
What are you doing here?
I'm just worrying about nothing
What are you doing here?
Maybe I'm gonna find some part
*Beata Maksymow - Polish judoka
**Ale Kino - Polish TV programme about cinema
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Co ty tu robisz

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