Artists who died in 2019 - October

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 Artists who died in 2019 - October

A collection of the artists that passed away in October 2019.

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1. Karel Gott Artista

Karel Gott died on October 1 (aged 80).

Paese:  Repubblica Ceca

Generi:  Classical, Folk, Opera, Pop

Lingue:  Ceco, Tedesco, Inglese, Slovacco

2. The Muffs Artista

Kim Shattuck died on October 2 (aged 56).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Generi:  Punk, Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular songs:  Sad TomorrowSaying Goodbye

Barrie Masters, singer, died on October 2 (aged 63).

Paese:  Regno Unito

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  Do Anything You Wanna Do

4. Artillery Artista

Morten Stützer, guitarist, died on Oktober 2 (aged 57).

Paese:  Danimarca

Genere:  Metal

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  By Inheritance

5. Giya Kancheli Artista

Giya Kancheli died on October 2 (aged 84).

Paese:  Georgia

Lingua:  Georgiano

6. Diahann Carroll Artista

Diahann Carroll died on October 4 (aged 84).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Pop

Lingua:  Inglese

7. Cream (UK) Artista

Ginger Baker, drummer, died on October 6 (aged 80).

Paese:  Regno Unito

Generi:  Psychedelic, Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

8. 38 Special Artista

Larry Junstrom, bassist with 38 Special and founding member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, died on October 6 (aged 70).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

9. Martin Lauer Artista

Martin Lauer died on October 6 (aged 72).

Paese:  Germania

Genere:  Pop

Lingua:  Tedesco

10. Thomas Lück Artista

Thomas Lück died on October 10 (aged 76).

Paese:  Germania

Lingua:  Tedesco

Popular song:  Feuerwerk

11. Damas Gratis Artista

Ricardo "Richard" Cejas, former guitarist, died on October 11.

Paese:  Argentina

Genere:  Cumbia

Lingua:  Spagnolo

12. Signal (USA) Artista

Erik Scott, bass guitarist, died on October 11 (aged 71).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Hard Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

13. The Chambers Brothers Artista

George Chambers died on October 12 (aged 88).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  R&B/Soul

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  Time Has Come Today

14. Alphonso Williams Artista

Alphonso Williams died on October 12 (aged 57).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Pop

Lingua:  Inglese

15. Sulli Artista

Sulli died on October 14 (aged 25).

Paese:  Corea del Sud

Lingue:  Coreano, Inglese

Popular songs:  On the MoonDorothy고블린 (Goblin)

16. Cacho Castaña Artista

Cacho Castaña died on October 15 (aged 77).

Paese:  Argentina

Generi:  Folk, Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Spagnolo

17. Radio Futura Artista

Javier Furia died on October 18.

Paese:  Spagna

Generi:  Pop, Rock

Lingue:  Spagnolo, Inglese

18. Vitillo Ábalos Artista

Vitillo Ábalos died on October 19 (aged 97).

Paese:  Argentina

Lingua:  Spagnolo

Popular song:  Carnavalito quebradeño

19. Walter Franco Artista

Walter Franco died on October 24 (aged 74).

Paese:  Brasile

Genere:  MPB

Lingua:  Portoghese

Popular song:  Vela aberta

20. Joe Sun Artista

Joe Sun died on October 25 (aged 76).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Generi:  Country music, Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Inglese

21. Little Feat Artista

Paul Barrere, guitarist, died on October 26 (aged 71).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Generi:  Country music, Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular songs:  Willin'A distant thunder

22. Buranovskiye Babushki Artista

Natalia Pugacheva died on October 27 (aged 83).

Paese:  Russia

Genere:  Folk

Lingue:  Russo, Inglese, Udmurto

23. Jadwiga Leszczynska Artista

Jadwiga Leszczynska died on October 28 (aged 96).

Paese:  Polonia

Genere:  Poesia

Lingua:  Tedesco

Popular song:  Frauenlager

24. Mihai Constantinescu Artista

Mihai Constantinescu died on October 29 (aged 73).

Paese:  Romania

Genere:  Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Rumeno

25. Dodo & The Dodos Artista

Steen Christiansen, guitarist, died on October 29 (aged 68).

Paese:  Danimarca

Genere:  Pop-Rock

Lingua:  Danese

26. Giannis Spanos Artista

Giannis Spanos died on October 31 (aged 85).

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