Artists who died in 2021 - June

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Artists who died in 2021 - June

A collection of the artists that passed away in June 2021.

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Friederike Mayröcker died on June 4 (aged 96).

Paese:  Austria

Genere:  Poesia

Lingua:  Tedesco

2. Grace Griffith Artista

Grace Griffith died on June 5 (aged 64).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular songs:  My LifeCalling All Angels

3. Michele Merlo Artista

Michele Merlo died on June 6 (aged 28).

Paese:  Italia

Lingua:  Italiano

Popular songs:  Tutto per meMareNon mi manchi più

4. Savia Nueva Artista

Jaime Junaro died on June 6 (aged 72).

Paese:  Bolivia

Genere:  Folk

Lingua:  Spagnolo

Popular song:  Paloma

5. Iurie Sadovnic Artista

Iurie Sadovnic died on June 7 (aged 69).

Paese:  Moldavia

Genere:  Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Rumeno

6. Ambrosia Artista

David C. Lewis, keyboardist, died on June 7.

Genere:  Pop-Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

7. Overload Artista

Farhad Humayun, singer and drummer, died on June 8 (aged 42).

Paese:  Pakistan

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Urdu

Popular song:  Bolo Na

8. Dean Parrish Artista

Dean Parrish died on June 8 (aged 79).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  R&B/Soul

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  I'm On My Way

9. Torgny Björk Artista

Torgny Björk died on June 9 (aged 82).

Paese:  Svezia

Generi:  Poesia, Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Svedese

10. Jon Lukas Artista

Jon Lukas died on June 11 (aged 72).

Paese:  Malta

Genere:  Pop

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  Can't Afford to Lose

11. Toeti Heraty Artista

Toeti Heraty died on June 13 (aged 87).

Paese:  Indonesia

Genere:  Poesia

Lingua:  Indonesiano

Popular song:  Dua Wanita

12. Los Antiguos Artista

Pato Larralde, singer, died on June 13 (aged 55).

Paese:  Argentina

Generi:  Metal, Rock

Lingua:  Spagnolo

Popular song:  La Culpa Al Viento

13. Junior Jein Artista

Junior Jein died on June 14 (aged 38).

Paese:  Colombia

Generi:  Latino, Reggaeton

Lingua:  Spagnolo

14. Novica Zdravković Artista

Novica Zdravković died on June 16 (aged 73).

Paese:  Serbia

Generi:  Folk, Pop-Folk

Lingua:  Serbo

15. CanaRoots Artista

Lincoln Gouveia, lead singer, died on June 17 ( aged 37).

Paese:  Brasile

Genere:  Reggae

Lingua:  Portoghese

Popular song:  A Natureza Chora

16. Tapu Mishra Artista

Tapu Mishra died on June 19 (aged 36).

17. Datblygu Artista

David R. Edwards, singer, died on June 23 (aged 56).

Paese:  Regno Unito

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Gallese

Popular song:  Y teimlad

18. Ellen McIlwaine Artista

Ellen McIlwaine died on June 23 (aged 75).

Paese:  Canada

Genere:  Singer-songwriter

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  Can’t Find My Way Home

19. Sui Generis Artista

Rinaldo Rafanelli, bassist, died on June 25 (aged 71).

Paese:  Argentina

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Spagnolo

20. Wes Artista

Wes died on June 25 (aged 57).

Paese:  Camerun

Genere:  Dance

Lingua:  Duala

Popular song:  Alane

21. Lou Courtney Artista

Lou Courtney died on June 25 (aged 77).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  R&B/Soul

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular song:  Skate Now

22. Skid Row (USA) Artista

Johnny Solinger, lead singer from 1999-2015, died on June 26 (aged 55).

Paese:  Stati Uniti

Genere:  Metal

Lingua:  Inglese

23. Peps Persson Artista

Peps Persson died on June 27 (aged 74).

Paese:  Svezia

Genere:  Reggae

Lingue:  Svedese, Svedese (dialetti)

Popular songs:  Di fåste fjedenOh Boy

Willy Crook, saxophonist from 1984-1987, died on June 27 (aged 55).

Paese:  Argentina

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Spagnolo

25. Uriah Heep Artista

John Lawton, former singer, died on June 29 (aged 74).

Paese:  Regno Unito

Genere:  Rock

Lingua:  Inglese

Popular songs:  Lady in BlackSympathyJuly Morning

26. Rybičky 48 Artista

Jan Honza Štrup, former guitarist and singer, died on June 30 (aged 39).

Paese:  Repubblica Ceca

Genere:  Punk

Lingua:  Ceco

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OndagordantoOndagordanto    Mar, 06/07/2021 - 19:01

John Lawton from Uriah Heep has died unexpectedly on the 29th of June (aged 74), but it was only today it was announced.