Artists who represented Greece at Eurovision

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Artists who represented Greece at Eurovision

A list of artists who represented Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. Will be periodically updated.

Greece did not participate in 1975, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1999, and 2000. However, songs and artists were selected for 1982 and 1986 before being withdrawn, so they are included in this collection.

Placed 11th at the 1974 Contest with "Κρασί, θάλασσα, και τ'αγόρι μου"

Placed 13th at the 1976 Contest with "Παναγιά μου, παναγιά μου".

Artista | Greece

Placed 5th at the 1977 Contest with "Μάθημα σολφέζ".

Artista | Greece

Placed 8th at the 1978 Contest with "Τσάρλυ Τσάπλιν".

5. Elpida
Artista | Greece

Placed 8th at the 1979 Contest with "Σωκράτης". Also represented Cyprus at the 1986 Contest with "Τώρα ζω", placing 4th.

Alongside The Epikouri, placed 13th at the 1980 Contest with "Autostop". Also represented Cyprus at the 1982 Contest with "Μόνο η αγάπη", placing 5th, and Greece at the 2006 Contest with "Everything", placing 9th overall.

Artista | Greece Pop-Folk

Would have represented Greece in the 1982 Contest; however, the song, "Σαρανταπέντε κοπελιές" was not a completely original composition, as its melody was taken from a Greek folk song, and was thus withdrawn.

Placed 14th at the 1983 Contest with "Μου λες".

Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 16th at the 1985 Contest with "Μοιάζουμε".

Artista | Greece

Would have represented Greece at the 1986 Contest with "Wagon-lit", but because the date of the Contest clashed with Holy Saturday that year, Greece withdrew.

12. Bang
Artista | Greece Pop-Rock

Placed 10th at the 1987 Contest with "Stop".

Top song:  Stop
Artista | Greece Entehno

Placed 17th at the 1988 Contest with "Κλόουν".

14. Marianna
Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 9th at the 1989 Contest with "Το δικό σου αστέρι". Returned to represent Greece at the 1996 Contest with "Εμείς φοράμε το χειμώνα ανοιξιάτικα", placing 14th.

Artista | Greece

Alongside Wave, placed 19th at the 1990 Contest with "Χωρίς σκοπό".

Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 13th at the 1991 Contest with "Η ανοιξη".

17. Cleopatra
Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 5th at the 1992 Contest with "Όλου του κόσμου η Ελπίδα".

Placed 9th at the 1993 Contest with "Ελλάδα, χώρα του φωτός"

Placed 12th at the 1995 Contest with "Ποια προσευχή".

Artista | Greece Folk Pop-Folk

Placed 12th at the 1997 Contest with "Χόρεψε".

22. Thalassa
Artista | Greece

Placed 20th at the 1998 Contest with "Μια κρυφή ευαισθησία".

Artista | Greece New Wave Rock

Placed 17th at the 2002 Contest with "S.A.G.A.P.O." and won the Barbara Dex Award for worst onstage outfit.

25. Manto

Placed 17th at the 2003 Contest with "Never Let You Go".

Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 3rd overall at the 2004 Contest with "Shake It". Returned to represent Greece at the 2009 Contest with "This Is Our Night", placing 7th overall.

28. Sarbel

Placed 7th overall at the 2007 Contest with "Yassou Maria".

29. Kalomoira

Placed 3rd overall at the 2008 Contest with "Secret Combination".

Artista | Greece Pop

Placed 8th overall at the 2010 Contest with "OPA!".

Artista | Cyprus Pop Pop-Folk

Placed 17th overall at the 2012 Contest with "Aphrodisiac".

Alongside Agathonas Iakovidis, placed 6th overall at the 2013 Contest with "Alcohol is Free".

Artista | Greece Pop House

Alongside RiskyKidd, placed 20th overall at the 2014 Contest with "Rise Up".

35. Argo

Placed 16th in the semi-final at the 2016 Contest with "Utopian Land". This remains Greece's worst-ever result.

Top song:  Utopian Land
Artista | Greece Pop-Folk

Placed 14th in the semi-final at the 2018 Contest with "Όνειρό μου".

Placed 21st overall at the 2019 Contest with "Better Love".

Artista | Netherlands Pop

Was originally meant to represent Greece at the 2020 Contest with "SUPERG!RL"; after the contest's cancellation, it was announced she will represent Greece at the 2021 Contest.

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