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SUPERKIND Discography

Creata da SLOR il 20 Giu 2022 | Collaboratori: Miley_Lovato, ดอกไม้ จริง
SUPERKIND Discography

SUPERKIND (슈퍼카인드) is a five-member boy group under Deep Studio Entertainment.
They debuted on June 20, 2022 with their first digital single "PlaySuperkind : Apply for a Beta Test".

1. SUPERKIND Artista

Paese:  Corea del Sud

Genere:  Dance

Lingue:  Inglese, Coreano

Popular song:  WATCH OUT

PlaySuperkind : Apply for a Beta Test is the debut digital single by SUPERKIND. It was released on June 20, 2022.

Song languages:  Inglese, Coreano

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