Moloch (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese


Some people search for the truth in the dreams
but what I want to tell you is no dream.
Dreams are confused and deceptive.
Expelled I made my way to the castle.
At falling darkness
a huge hunger for the essence of life grew within me.
I knew, the way to the castle would be different this time.
I felt the borders of the snow forest connecting to each other,
to its mountains and to the starry sky
towards the infinite.
I noticed how the forest, the universe, the castle,
the dark silhouette of mine, the mountains,
how all of that is my very own essence.
I had connected to it, had found myself
and now I enter further inside.
Light and shadow(s) reveal themselves to me
in a way that can't be seen with external eyes:
If you take a closer look at the stars of this world
(which, by the way, also remain visible during the day),
you'll notice, especially at night,
that they seem to be in connection to each other by mysterious lines.
This leads to wonderful shapes (similar to those of ice crystals).
I feel dizzy: Fate!
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