Allah Ya Mawlana (الله يا مولانا) (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Allah Our Master

Allah is with us, hearing us, and we pray
Allah Allah we asked your forgiveness
Right us,guide us and forgive our mistakes
Allah Allah give us a home in the paradise
Allah my lord enrich us Oh our Master in this life and in the hereafter×1
Allah our Master Allah Allah Oh Allah our Master
Allah our Master
You know my situation my God the only one×2
Verse 2:
Add in our faith and inculcate kindness in us
Alla Allah we pray to you ,answer our prayer Oh our Master
Stand us on the right path,watch over us and educate us the Holy Quran
Allah Allah we need You to answer our prayers
Allah Allah Allah
Allah Oh our Master ×4
My Lord send your blessings upon Muhammad our prophet
Who who enter Medina and made it shine peaceful
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Allah Ya Mawlana (الله يا مولانا)

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