Judge my accent?

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I've been studying French and Spanish on my own so I've never really got any feedback for what concerns pronunciation. I have no trouble understanding a written text in said languages, but I have a hard time talking, that's why I've decided to embarrass myself and try to read the incipit of famous novels in Spanish and French:

Any correction is very much welcomed, thanks in advance Regular smile

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Muy bien. Thumbs up

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Conversation requires practice so that your brain clicks in without trying to internally translate word for word. It's a matter of conditioning and confidence. If you can I suggest you watch your favourite movies (many times) in these languages and repeat the lines (ALOUD), not to yourself. This will reinforce the language cadence in your brain through your auditory senses. Remember infants don't go to school for grammar. Repetition, repetition, repetition...
Songs unfortunately have far too many distractions and lose the nuances of the language(s). Find yourself some poetry in those languages and read them aloud as well. To the point you know them by heart. Different the tone and intonation over time. You will know it then extremely well it will be in your dreams and come forth from you without stumbling. Regular smile

Some advise from someone who has less than optimal hearing. Read their lips if you can and watch mouth shape and tongue placement, facial expression (visual reinforcement). You did that when you were tiny watching mom and dad.
You pronounciation is very good. Keep up the good work. Wink smile

If you get mixed up when speaking languages, don't feel bad. The more you know the more it can happen.

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Your French pronunciation is EXCELLENT. Keep it up--you have absolutely no reason to doubt yourself.

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Concernant ta prononciation en français, je trouve que c'est très bien.

Je ne suis pas très sûr, mais je crois que tu prononces le mot « ville » comme « fille ». Ils ne riment pas : /vil/ et /fij/.

Sinon, il n'y a pas vraiment de choses à redire. Continue de pratiquer et essaye de parler avec des francophones. Regular smile

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Mince, j'étais sûre que "ville" se prononçait comme "fille" Teeth smile

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L'orthographe française aurait besoin d'être un peu mise à jour. Regular smile

Pour t'aider à te souvenir, les mots apparentés en italien sont villa (avec [l]) et figlia (presque avec [j]).

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Merci beaucoup, j'ai appris quelque chose de nouveau !

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¡Excelente, Melania! Tienes una excelente pronunciación, nada fácil leer a García Márquez... Sin embargo, lo has hecho excelente. ¡Sigue así!

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(For the French text) :

Nice accent (I would have said that the locutor is from South-Eastern Asia). I'd say the French pronunciation is not bad, but you should speak a little more slowly and articulate more frankly. Some hints :

"Verriers" > VerRIEres (vè-ryè-re)
"vigoreux châtaigniers" > viGOUreux
"dans des touffes" > DONT des touffes
"marquent le moindre sin(u)osité" > marquent LES moindres si-NU-O-sités (si-nü-o-zi-té)
"centanes de pieds" > cen-TAInes de pieds
"oune'aut'montagne" > UNE - HAUte montagne
"c'est oune des branches" > c'est Une des branches
"les prémières froids d'octobre" > les PREMIERS (pre-myé) froids
"un'dorrent" > un TORrent
"???" > "et donne le mouvement à un grand nombre de scies à bois" : I had to look for the original text, because I didn't get it, sorry.
"un indoustrie fort sample" > UNE inDUStrie fort SIMple
"plous péssants qué bourchois" > PLUS PA-Y-SANS (pé-i-zan) QUE bourgeois.

Seems you have a tendency to confuse d / t, b / p, j / ch, z / s, as many foreigners do. And the nasals (an / in / on...) are always one of the biggest problems in French

Otherwise, it's pleasant to hear, and mainly understandable. Please don't take my remarks in bad part, and congratulations for your efforts !

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