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Hello, everyone,

As some of you may remember, I'm conducting a research project on foreign language learning. I'm happy to announce that it's in its final stages of development and I'm going to present my findings very soon. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out my survey--you all helped me so much. I have one more request from the LT community at large. For my presentation, I'm planning to work the fact that so many song translators helped me out with responses by making a 'word cloud' of a certain phrase in multiple languages.

So, in your own languages, would you please translate the following phrase:
"The best songs tell stories".

Many thanks in advance,
Βασιλική Οικονομοπούλου

P.S: Greek translation not needed--I've got it covered.

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Italian: "Son le migliori canzoni a raccontarci delle storie".
Needed to tweak it a little bit, but it should work fine.

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Romanian: "Cele mai bune cântece spun povești"
French: « Les meilleures chansons racontent des histoires »
Swedish: "De bästa sångerna berättar historier"

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Finnish: "Parhaimmissa lauluissa kerrotaan tarinoita."

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Hebrew: "השירים הכי טובים מספרים סיפורים"

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spanish: "Las mejores canciones cuentan historias"
portuguese: "As melhores canções contam histórias"

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Croatian= "Najbolje pjesme pričaju priče."

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Russian: "Лучшие песни рассказывают истории"

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Serbian: "Najbolje pesme pričaju priče"

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بهترین ترانه ها داستان می سرایند

/behtarin taraanehaa daastaan misoraayand/

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German: „Die besten Lieder erzählen Geschichten.“

(My other languages were already given.)

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Scots Gaelic: "Bidh na h-òrain as fheàrr ag innse sgeulachdan"

(I guess I shouldn't bother with English)

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