Christmas Carols - Conto de Natal de Cardigos (Nossa Senhora Lavadeira) (traduzione in Inglese)


Conto de Natal de Cardigos (Nossa Senhora Lavadeira)

Estava a Virgem
À borda do rio,
Lavando os cueiros
Do seu bento Filho.
A Virgem lavava,
São José estendia,
O Neném chorava
Com o frio que fazia.
«Cale-se o Menino,
Cale-se o Amor!
Vossas báguas são navalhas
Que cortam sem dor!»
A Virgem ao peito
O foi conchegar,
Logo o Deus Menino
Deixou de chorar!
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This Christmas Carol originates in the Middle Ages, although its current, more polished form was developed in the XVI Century in the town of Cardigos, from which it extended to the rest of Portugal in the late 19th Century thanks to the work of many musicologists. Its main peculiarity, as it often happens in the Portuguese tradition, is the comparison of the Holy Family with the average under or working class family, through the representation of aspects of most poor people's daily lives.

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Christmas Tale from Cardigos (Our Lady the Launderess)

Our Lady was standing
In the riverbank
Washing the nappies
For her Blessed Son.
Our Holy Lady was washing,
Saint Joseph hanged the clothes up to dry
And the Baby cried
Because it was such a cold day.
"Be quiet, my Child,
Be quiet, oh Love!
For your tears are blades
That cut deep without pain!"
Our Lady brought Him
To her warm breast,
And then the Holy Child
Stropped crying!
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